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White People™: That's Not My Name

Names are important. They carry family histories, reveal cultural clues, they give people that don’t know us the first bit of insight into who we are, names are deeply personal, and at times, embarrassing. Names carry emotional meaning and value, names have been used to divide people. Names are important.

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Personal, Race, RacismJarell Wilson
Dancing in the Moonlight

It was a warm summer night, the moon was full and I was just about to leave Austin and start my time at the University of North Texas. For years I had been hiding who I was from myself but under the mesquite trees in my friend’s front yard, I looked past the branches and I stared at the moon. Over the sound cicadas hissing, I heard a voice inside say, “Stop hiding”.

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My Response to the Letter from 500+ LGBTIQ Clergy

My Dear Siblings and Fellow Ministers in Christ, Your love and prayers are most needed. When I signed the letter with 110 other LGBTIQ clergy and candidates I was afraid, I was risking my job and my future; I didn't know how many others were going to sign but I knew that I needed to be one of the people to do it.

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