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Dancing in the Moonlight

It was a warm summer night, the moon was full and I was just about to leave Austin and start my time at the University of North Texas. For years I had been hiding who I was from myself but under the mesquite trees in my friend’s front yard, I looked past the branches and I stared at the moon. Over the sound cicadas hissing, I heard a voice inside say, “Stop hiding”.

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My Response to the Letter from 500+ LGBTIQ Clergy

My Dear Siblings and Fellow Ministers in Christ, Your love and prayers are most needed. When I signed the letter with 110 other LGBTIQ clergy and candidates I was afraid, I was risking my job and my future; I didn't know how many others were going to sign but I knew that I needed to be one of the people to do it.

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I Will Never Ask For Anyone’s Opinion about Beyoncé

Three years ago on Tumblr someone started a “Beyoncé Knowles Appreciation Month” so as a certified member of the BeyHive I joined. Each day we were told to share a picture or write something to celebrate a woman I’ve often referred to as my patron saint. It wasn’t until the last day that we were asked, “What Beyoncé has taught us”.

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